Stuart Brown is a drummer, percussionist, composer, music producer, audiovisual artist and educator with 20+ years professional experience who has performed throughout the U.K., Europe, U.S.A, New Zealand and India and has played on over 50 commercial recordings. He is the full time drummer for Peatbog Faeries, Blue Rose Code, Graeme Duffin (Wet Wet Wet), Propellor Ensemble, Dean Owens, Kirsten Adamson, Brian Molley Quartet and many more.

He specialises in hybrid electroacoustic drumming, creating live reactive audiovisual drum performances under the moniker MNDMTH, a practice which he devised and developed during his time as one of Sound and Music’s 15 funded New Voices composers in 2018-2019. 

Alongside his prolific freelance and solo career he is also well established as a band leader, having released two critically acclaimed albums with his cartoon music ensemble, Twisted Toons, which made The Times and Mojo Magazine’s Top 10 Jazz Album of 2009 and 2016. He is particularly interested in intercultural and inter-disciplinary collaboration, having spent time on funded residencies with local musicians in India and Brazil and has created music for dance, theatre, film, visual art and multi-media performance.



1998:        Performance Diploma, Berklee College of Music, Boston, U.S.A 

1993-97:  1st Class Honours B.Eng in Electronics with Music, Glasgow University 


Performance Experience 

Solo projects: 

MNDMTH, Twisted Toons, Herschel 36, Hummingdroids (with Scott Amendola)


Peatbog Faeries, Blue Rose Code, Graeme Duffin (Wet Wet Wet), Propellor Ensemble, Dean Owens, Kirsten Adamson, Niki King, Ali Affleck,  Brian Molley Quartet, Rab Noakes, Horse, Jill Jackson, Future Pilot AKA, Simon Thacker’s Ritmata,  Brian Molley Quartet, Mr McFall’s Chamber, Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, Trio Magico, Sugarwork, Orquestra Scotland Brazil, Martin Kershaw’s Hero As a Riddle, Drawn To Water

Freelance Work:

Craig Armstrong (film composer), David Byrne (Talking Heads), Niki Haris, Tom Jones, Tina May, Barbara Morrison, Dave Gordon (SunRa Arkestra), Bill Carothers, Gilad Atzmon, Bruce Adams, Evan Parker, Fred Frith, George Lewis, The Rat Pack Live, The Nimmo Brothers 


Selected Interdisciplinary Work: 

2021 "The Sound of My Ears" - dance film collaboration with dancer, Molly Danter

2020 MNDMTH:Convergence - audio visual collaboration with digital artist Steve Curtis 

2016 Cottiers Dance Project - Underhand Dance & Allon Beauvoisin 

2014 Carrie Fertig, Le Sirenuse (Glass Percussion live performance and film) 



2021 Magnetic North Rough Mix new work development programme

2018 Sound and Music “New Voices” composer development grant/commission 

2016 Top 10 Jazz albums of 2009  in The Times and Mojo Magazine (Twisted Toons Vol. 2) 

2014 Creative Scotland funding for Stu Brown’s Twisted Toons Vol.2 album recording 

2012 Jazz Services Rural Touring pilot scheme (29 gigs throughout U.K.) 

2010 Scottish Arts Council Creating New Music funding for Stu Brown Sextet 

2009 Top 10 Jazz albums of 2009 in Mojo Magazine (The Stu Brown Sextet - Twisted Toons) 

2009 Nominated for Best New Project in Scottish Jazz Awards 

2008 Scottish Arts Council Recording funding to record The Stu Brown Sextet album 



2020 MNDMTH:Convergence AV performance piece at TEFOS for Sound and Music, New Voices 

2016 Wunder Der Schöpfung Silent film score commission for Hippfest with Herschel 36 

2014 Music/sound for Mary’s Meals “Saving Grace” online campaign video 

2012 GI Festival, Collaboration with Damien Marchal, piece for drums and computer printers 

2010 Edinburgh Jazz Fest “Naturally Inspired” joint commission with John Hollenbeck 

2010 Scottish Arts Council “Creating New Music” commission for Stu Brown Sextet 



2021    Magnetic North Rough Mix Interdisciplinary Residency

2020    Cove Park residency as part for Sound and Music New Voices programme 

2017    Chennai, India, Brian Molley Quartet/ Krishna Kishor collaboration 

2015/16 Jodhpur RIFF, Rajasthan, India, Brian Molley Quartet/Asin Langa group collaboration 

2014     Lyth Arts Centre multi-media residency, with glass artist, Carrie Fertig 

2010    “Naturally Inspired” residency on Islay for Edinburgh Jazz festival commission 

2002     Orquestra Scotland Brasil: British Council collaborative residency, Sau Paulo, Brazil 


Media Work 

2017 Bailley Gifford Investment Fund promotional video (composer/performer/sound designer) 

2016 Citizens Theatre “Trainspotting” trailer (composer/performer/sound designer) 

2013 Kuoni Travel, Cuban holiday advertisement (composer/performer/sound designer) 

2012 Citizens Theatre pantomime trailer (composer/performer/sound designer) 

2012 “This Sucks”, short children’s film by Starcatchers (composer/performer/sound designer) 

2008 Edinburgh Film Festival Cinematic Trailer (composer/performer/sound designer) 


Film/ TV Work 

2021 Beatha Fodha - short film by Meray DIner (sound design and composition)

2018 The Outlaw King Movie Soundtrack (soundtrack percussionist and on set musician) 

2016 Wunder Der Schöpfung (live silent film score commission for Hippfest) 

2004 Balamory (on screen appearance with The Black Star Steel Band) 

2003 Young Adam Movie Soundtrack (drummer) 

1997 STV’s High Road (actor/body percussionist) 


Professional Teaching Appointments 

2000-present Drum/percussion Instructor, Glasgow City Council 

2018-present Part time drum tutor, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior School 

2017-present Drum tutor at Annette Street Primary School for YMI/The Glad Foundation 

2012-present Drum tutor, Glasgow Jazz Summer School 

2003-present Drum tutor, Napier Jazz Summer School 

2000-present Freelance workshop leader for New Rhythms For Glasgow, North Ayrshire and West Dunbartonshire Councils, NYOS, EMS, The Glad Foundation




Check out Stuart's discography on Spotify:


Niki King - Time

Peatbog Faeries - I See a World

Malin Lewis - Halocline

Blue Rose Code - 13 Years

Kirsten Adamson - Landing Place


Brian Molley Quartet - Intercontinental

Blue Rose Code - London City Lights EP


Blue Rose Code - Live at Celtic Connections

Brian Molley Quartet - Modern Traditions 


Simon Thacker's Ritmata - Tàradh 

Blue Rose Code - With Healings of The Deepest Kind 


Herschel 36 - Astrophysik 

Future Pilot AKA - Orkestra Digitalis 

Mr McFall's Chamber - Born in Dirt an' Din 


MODUL3 - Self Titled 

Rab Noakes - Welcome to Anniversaryville 

Brooks Williams - Lucky Star 

Jill Jackson - Are We There Yet? 

Sugarwork - Self Titled 

Drawn To Water - Self Titled 

GlO - Parallel Moments Unbroken 


Brian Molley Quartet - Colour and Movement 

GlO - GIOSevens 

GIO - The Word For It Now  

Rab Noakes - The Treatment Tapes 


Stu Brown's Twisted Toons Vol.2 


Scott Twynholm - Alasdair Gray, A Life In Progress 


Sophie Bancroft - Songs 

Rab Noakes - I'm Walkin Here 


The Brian Molley Quartet - Clock 


The People's Voice - Celebrating the Janey Buchan Political Song Collection 

GIO - Schweben, Ay but can ye? 

GIO GN8 - Improcherto for HB 


The Northern Appointment - Good Times in Small Numbers 


Martin Kershaw - Hero as A Riddle  

The DT6 - Donkey Chop 


GIO - GIOpoetics 

The Stu Brown Sextet - Twisted Toons 

The DT6 - Don’t Doubt Me/Open Your Eyes 

The DT6 - The Baden Persuader/ Takes 

GIO w. George Lewis - Metamorphic Rock 


GIO/LIO - Separately and Together 

The Everything Treatment (TET Records) 


Waltzer - EP  


Horse - Red Haired Girl 

Horse - Same Old Same Old (single) 

The Everything Treatment - Frequent Flyer 

The Everything Treatment - Club AB+ comp 

The Everything Treatment - Sola 


GIO/Maggie Nicols - Which way did he Go? 


Horse - Coveted 

GIO w. Evan Parker - Munich and Glasgow 


David Byrne - Lead us in to Temptation 

Martin Kershaw Quartet - Fruition 


Yush 2K - Tales from the Greenyard 


Dr Honda - Don't Sleep Much 

Rarefaction - Stormbird (Yush 2K EP) 


Tom Jones with Cerys from Catatonia - Baby It's Cold Outside official remix 


Toneburst Collective compilation