Carrie Fertig's Glass Percussion

A unique collaboration between glass artist, Carrie Fertig, composer and electronic musician, Alistair MacDonald, and percussionist, Stu Brown 

Website: Carrie Fertig

Carrie's statement about the project:
"Le Sirenuse is the film result of a residency at Lyth Art Centre in Caithness, Scotland, where I was asked to invite collaborators with the resources of a theatre for the first time in September, 2014. Previously, I have had film documentation of my performances, but this provided the first opportunity to make a performance expressly for filming. This trailer is the first scene.

Le Sirenuse is Italian for both mythological sirens and a specific location of islands in Italy where they were said to have lived and lured men to their death.

In 2010 I founded Torcher Chamber Arkestra, an experimental platform that explores cultural identity, social and political topics through flameworked glass performance
 and glass-made music with audience participation. The British glass orchestra section of Torcher Chamber Arkestra was built by myself for frequent collaborator, Glasgow-based composer Alistair MacDonald, Director of the Electroacoustic Studios at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. In the film he adds live electronics and sound design, and performs, whilst drummer Stuart Brown, also Glasgow-based, is the lead percussionist. I perform and make new instruments, handing them off to Brown. Many new glass instruments were developed for this film by myself, with assistance from Kirstin Binnie, Austyn Finnegan, Ainsley Francis, Ingrid Phillips, H.S. Martin, Scott Glass, and Jordan Smith.

Le Sirenuse is supported by Creative Scotland, Caithness and North Sutherland Fund, and Lyth Art Centre."