“Avantronica” duo Herschel 36 is Paul Harrison (synths/electronics) and Stu Brown (drums/electronics).Each performance is a journey in to the unknown with no rehearsal and no preconceived material. Thriving on pure improvisation and jazz instincts but revelling in a world of glitchy electronica, break beats and noisy soundscapes. 


Wunder Der Schöpfung - Live Silent film Score and Album

In March 2016 Herschel 36 premiered their live score to the 1925 German silent film , Wunder Der Schopfung (the earliest ever  astronomy documentary) at Hippfest Festival of Silent Cinema followed by a U.K. tour in Autumn 2016.  

Their soundtrack album, entitled Astrophysik, will be released on 21st June 2019.